MASTERIT is a coaching program that will teach each participant how to maintain their business, grow it properly, increase income, and do so while maintaining a healthy emotional and mental state.

This program is for individuals who are looking for longevity in their business. This is a program where you will learn how to survive the vitality of entrepreneurship and how to continuously grow your business, attract your desired clientele and adjust as the demand and desires of clients change. This program is about STEADY & SMART growth; branding, mastering your craft, increasing your business knowledge, and becoming the MASTER in your industry so that you can invest in someone else.

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You’re finally here! I’ve been waiting on you! After 15 years in the Event Planning Industry, I finally realize why I’ve experienced every trial and VICTORY in my business. And it was all for YOU!

I climbed this ladder of success by myself, with no one who appeared to want to help. This industry can be tough! It can be lonely! Of course, we laugh and play. Give each other Kudos and Congrats! Words of Affirmation!

But when it comes to , "Do you mind showing me...or Do you mind helping me? The crickets show up! Silence or no response.

I’ve decided that no one should have to build their dream alone. Let me show you how to GROW Steady and Build Smart!

Andrea Hopkins

Why choose Andrea?

  • Celebrates 15 years of business.
  • Staff development over a 15 year period for 3–30 members .
  • Served over 400 brides
  • Executed over 400 Events
  • Offers a multitude of services
  • Became skilled in fresh florals ( 2014) and is Lead florist for PWC
  • Traveling Event Planner and Designer
  • Andrea is a mentee and mentor.
  • Created accounting systems that have assisted in propelling other entrepreneurs.
  • Degree in Psychology
  • Certified in Anger Management (an important skill in this industry)
  • 15 Years of Banking, Finance, Management, and Customer Service Experience
  • 5 Years of Venue Management Experience
  • A Leader in the Community
  • Successful Event Rental Business with a 4000 sq ft Warehouse
  • Executes Floral and Business Workshops Designed a Becoming a Wedding Planner Curriculum
  • Voyage ATL: August 2022: Daily Inspiration
  • The Best of Mississippi Awards: The Ultimate Event Planner
  • The Best Event Planner 2022 Hometown Magazine Wedding Edition 2020: Expert Wedding Planner
  • Mississippi Business Journal: Top 5 Female Entrepreneurs with the Mosto Employees 2020
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Completion of 90 days = Andrea is your business coach with semi-annual meetings.

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30 Days Recharge $1000

90 Days-$2000

Celebration Rate


Intensive individual coaching with specific growth targets

(increase in clients, networking, social media presence, increase in income and accounting) while also targeting your desired growth goals. - You will share the goals you desire improvement. As well as challenges within your business. And together we will MASTERIT

Re-charge: Designed for those who are seasoned in their business but are looking to shift their business. Also for néw entrepreneurs looking for a JUMPSTART.

30 DAY Program


Sometimes you just need some guidance advice. Hourly Consultation

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MASTERIT clients are enrolled on the 1st and 20th of each month to ensure that each client, receives 100% engagement on their investment.

Dionne Whittington, Designer

Andrea is just as her business name states, she is "perfection". She has helped me tremendously in my journey as an event designer. Andrea's expertise in fresh floral design, event planning/design, and pricing are unmatched and necessary in this business. Before her class, I did not have the confidence to price according to my worth; I did not have the floral skills I now possess; and I didn't have a professional support system to guide me in my journey. If you are contemplating enrolling in her offered classes, I urge to you invest in yourself as I did, you will not regret it, and you will gain a lifelong friend and mentor that is truly invested in you!


Are you ready to MASTERIT

Jamie Anderson- Jamie Rae Events

I can’t tell you how much taking the course helped my business. Not only did I gain so much information from this course I also gained so many life lessons. She was real, honest and her passion just made me even more excited to be doing this! It’s not often that you find people who are doing what you are doing but want to see you win also. I’m truly grateful for Andrea and her team. If you’re looking for someone who will invest in you and your business then look no further.

with Andrea?

Ashley- Wedding Client

Andrea, Thank you for making my wedding day PERFECT and STRESS FREE! Everything went so smoothly. Everyone who was there still talks about how beautiful the ceremony was. You were the ultimate professional; I loved how you worked with everyone. Other vendors involved with the wedding enjoyed working with you and were so complimentary of you. Apparently all wedding coordinators aren't so easy to work with. Once again, Quincy and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a coordinator for their wedding

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